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15 Reasons I Love Dubai

Having lived in Dubai for almost five years, I know that much like every city I’ve lived in, it has its good and not-so-good sides. But I think it often gets a bad rap that it doesn’t deserve. So I thought I’d reflect on the things I do love about living in this fascinating city. […]

The Ultimate Luxury Guide To Istanbul

I must be one of the only people who didn’t love Istanbul the first time I visited. Maybe it was the language barrier, maybe it was my frame of mind, maybe because it was winter. Or maybe it’s because I was mostly on my own. I don’t know. I liked it, but I didn’t love […]

The Ultimate Guide To Dubai

There are so many crazy superlatives used to describe Dubai, but many people still see it as one giant glitzy air-conditioned shopping mall in the desert. Nothing could be further from the truth. In only a couple of decades Dubai has become a five star cosmopolitan city that offers more than enough for the perfect […]

Dune Bashing In The Dubai Desert

If there’s one activity that you have to do on a trip to the Middle East it’s dune bashing. Whatever you do, make sure you join a tour for an evening of crazy high-speed driving across the dunes. Sunset In The Desert A driver from Desert Safari picked us up mid-afternoon from home which was […]

Beirut Isn’t A War Zone It’s A Party Zone

Beirut is a fascinating city full of contradictions where Middle East meets west. You’ll find dilapidated apartment blocks sit alongside a gentrified CBD and other areas that look like they were bombed last month. It’s a place where French and Arab worlds have combined to create a unique atmosphere. There’s nothing else quite like it. […]