Kurumba – A Quick Maldives Getaway

Kurumba is the first resort that started the rush to the Maldives, and it is still welcoming guests decades later. No, it isn’t the most luxurious or most glamorous of all the resorts, but that’s no bad thing. This five star island is well established, very lush and green and has a beautiful beach and lagoon. Most importantly for those wanting a quick weekend getaway, it is a short speedboat transfer from the airport. Ten minutes and you can have a cocktail in hand.

Kurumba Island Maldives Aerial View

Airport transfer Kurumba Maldives

Arrival Jetty Kurumba Island Maldives

Kurumba Island Maldives Walkways

The Maldives has a wide range of resorts, but prices and travel time increase significantly the further you go from the airport, because you need to take seaplane transfers rather than a boat. It’s fine if time or money are no object, but if you just want to dash over, get some rest and a taste of the Maldives, then Kurumba is a good bet.

The island has a range of accommodation, from their Royal Kurumba Residence that sleeps 8, to private pool villas, garden and and beach bungalows. They also have eight restaurants and beach bars, so you have a decent choice, which is always great on such a small island.

You can do what most people like to do in the Maldives and that’s just lie in the sun and swim in the crystal clear lagoon. Or if you are slightly more active, there’s plenty to do, with a range of watersports and even a tennis court (yes we played a couple of games).

Kurumba Island beach Maldives

Lying on Kurumba Island Maldives

Restaurant Kurumba Island Maldives

Pool on Kurumba Island Maldives

Seaplane above Kurmba Island Maldives

After a long day in the sun, you can take a stroll along the beach, watch the sun set at the barefoot beach bar and then pick a new place for dinner, before retiring to your luxurious villa. Then repeat it all again the next day.