The Gucci Museum – Florence

Few fashion labels are as synonymous with Florence as Gucci, and to celebrate their 90th anniversary back in 2011, the fashion house opened the new Gucci Museum. Housed in a three-story historic palazzo in Piazza Signoria, any fashion guru or aspiring fashionista will love this place. The elegantly attired doorman explains the concept to you as you step inside inviting you to view the exhibition for a small fee (that’s well worth it) or enjoy the café, restaurant and bookstore. It’s a fantastic way to spend a couple of hours.

Gucci Museum in Florence at night

The exhibition offers a valuable insight into the treasures of the Gucci dynasty. At about 1,700 square feet on three floors, the museum takes you on a journey over time showcasing items like early travel trunks, pigskin luggage, “bamboo” handbags, floral-print scarves created for Grace Kelly and even a customised ’79 Cadillac.

Every room has a postcard for you to collect, with an explanation of each exhibit which is elegantly laid out in large glass cabinets. The staircase is filled with framed photographs of famous people in their Gucci gear. It makes for an interesting and amusing walk.

Fashion Room at Gucci Museum Florence Italy

On the ground floor, the museum has a café where you can relax and read books over a cup of coffee or light snack. There is also a full-service restaurant. Adjoining the restaurant is a bookstore filled with art, fashion and photography treat, and a Gucci store filled with signature Gucci designs, many of which are only available in the store.

Bookstore and cafe Gucci Museum Florence Italy

Photos courtesy of Gucci Museum.

Fashion Forward Meets The Mukhi Sisters

I met two of the three lovely Mukhi sisters at a mutual friend’s wedding in Italy. There was an immediate connection because of their warm personalities, laid back outlook, and general fun loving spirit.

When I was introduced to their brand – it was a perfect reflection of them. It is bold jewellery that exudes confidence and a certain attitude, and I really appreciate designers with a strong point of view.


The Brand

The Mukhi Sisters design wearable collections of fine jewellery. Using gold, diamonds and other precious and semi-precious stones, they draw on their personalities, interests and obsessions to create high-end pieces. You can describe a Mukhi Sisters piece as a statement of individuality.

It’s All In The Family

Jewellery runs in their genes: their mother is Effat Kreidie, the creative force behind Effy’s Jewellery in Lebanon. Their father, Chandru Mukhi, comes from a long line of Indian jewellers who have been in the industry since 1875. Born into a world of dazzly, sparkly things, Maya, Meena and Zeenat were well acquainted with fine gems and jewellery from a very early age. So it’s no wonder the sisters began collaborating on their own brand.

Amused Daydreamers

For their first showing at Fashion Forward Dubai, they debuted their ‘Dream Catcher Collection’ in the Garden. Meena told me the collection’s slogan was: ‘Believe in your dreams. They were given to you for a reason’.

Although the sisters are very well known in their hometown of Beirut, and to Lebanese expats in the region, they feel they’re now in a good place professionally to expand into other key markets in the Middle East.

And it seems that Fashion Forward was very welcoming. Maya said ‘What I enjoyed the most at fashion forward was meeting other design industry professionals and exchanging ideas. Our Dream Catcher collection was so well received’.

What’s Next?

This is only the beginning for the sisters. They recently opened their own signature store in Beirut and have ‘more dreams and bigger plans’. As long as they stay true to themselves, I have no doubt a lot more people will soon be familiar with the name Mukhi in the Middle East and well beyond.